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Human Resources
HR’s mission is to advance a vibrant and diverse work community where individuals and groups thrive and contribute to MIT's excellence.

If you’re ready to help us shape the future, there’s a place at MIT for your unique skills, experience, and goals.

MIT offers a full range of benefits and resources designed to keep you healthy, ensure you achieve a fulfilling work-life balance, help build your long-term financial security, and much more.

Work and Life
The MIT Work-Life Center is committed to meeting the personal and professional needs of faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students, and their families.

Community and Inclusion
MIT supports the growth and success of every member of its community, and is committed to providing employees with opportunities to develop, grow, engage, and recognize excellence and achievement in one another—and themselves.

Discounts & Perks
MIT offers fully subsidized T passes, tuition assistance, career development workshops and counseling, a wide range of parenting benefits, along with access to world-class facilities.


External Organizations

Offers professional development and career building opportunities nationwide through its chapters - ALPHA Boston

BitIRA's Women in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
Whether you are a woman—at any stage in your career—trying to break into cryptocurrency, or perhaps you are writing a grant to obtain support for women in crypto-related pursuits, this directory contains a comprehensive set of resources.

A nonprofit association with a large community of technology, academic, industry, and campus leaders advancing higher education through the use of IT.

General Assemby
A Leader in Education transforming careers through pioneering experiential education for most in-deman skills.

Girls Who Code
Girls Who Code was founded with a single mission: to close the gender gap in technology. The group hosts summer immersion programs, clubs, and camps, and offers opportunities to volunteer and donate.

Harvard Women In Tech Group
The ABCD-Women in Technology (ABCD-WIT) group meets informally as a chance to encourage, collaborate, and discuss our experiences as women in technology at Harvard.

NERCOMP's Women in IT Community of Practice
MIT is a member of the NorthEast Regional Computing Program (NERCOMP), which cultivates communities of practice around information and technology, promotes strategic partnerships, and advances innovation and leadership in educational institutions across the Northeastern United States.

NERCOMP's Women in IT Community of Practice (CoP) is for all members, regardless of where you fall in your organization. Through both virtual and face-to-face networking opportunities, this group aims to share best practices and discuss issues that impact women in higher education IT.

Resources for Women in Computer Technology
Published by Purdue Global, this resource reviews the history of women in computer science, explores the current opportunities for women, and identifies resources to help women explore and grow in computer science fields. I thought this would be an interesting resource to share with your readers on the web page, as it highly details the importance of women in computer science.



Women in Technology groups near Boston

Women Who Code Boston

Boston Azure

Boston Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Boston Drupal

Boston Phython

Boston Salesforce Trailblazer

Boston Wordpress

Inclusive Tech Hub Boston


Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities

Susan Vogt Leagership Fellows Program
Run through the Boston Consortium, this program is designed to connect and engage practitioners in meaningful projects, and foster collaboration and camaraderie in the next generation of leaders. As with Connexion, participants are matched with a mentor to provide peer-advising and coaching.

A student-run initiative that will match you with a partner for an informal conversation over lunch. This is your opportunity to become a mentor! It is designed to create a more connected campus by arranging for friendly, informal, platonic lunches between individuals from all over campus, and all walks of life.

A program to develop HispanicLatino leaders into strategic and innovative executives who lead organizations that harness the positive impact of the expanding HispanicLatino presence and to create a national network of exceptional leaders. This includes providing a mentor serves as someone “in your corner” to serve as a sounding board and make connections. They are already looking for candidates to apply for the next session.

Mentor Advocate Partnership (MAP)
A volunteer program designed to complement the current advisor system by helping first-year students to build relationships with staff, faculty, graduate students, and post-docs; to monitor their academic performance and personal well-being; to offer encouragement; and to provide a proactive support network.